Simon Apex

Simon was first introduced to the intoxicating sound of Breakbeat in 1991 at the ripe old age of sixteen through bootleg tapes supplied by his friends at his school in the UK.  After a few solid years of raving Simon  sold everything he owned to scrape together the money to buy his first set of turntables and the adventure began!

Simon left blighty and moved to the USA in late 1995 and partnered with Jay Vigor from Fuz-e productions (one of the largest event promoters in Sacramento California).  Simon started taking regular slots with Jay and before long was a resident. The combination was a huge success which lead to 100’s of legendary stateside dance music events.

In mid 1998 Simon and his wife Angela laid the ground foundations of the very first USA based online EDM music store. Within 6 months of the online store launching  it was the go to place for hard dance music in the USA and led to a physical store location opening in March of 1999 which people would travel as far as 3,000 miles to shop!

Music production started in late 1998 with Fade and Bananaman, titled Destiny. Within months of Destiny being finished it was hammered on the world wide circuit and received national licensing via Hardcore Heaven & Slammin Vinyl.  It was the inspiring time Simon spent in the studio with Fade & Bananaman that drove him to build his own studio.

 In early 1999 Simon teamed up with production partner Ion and they set about building the basics of what was to become the original Stateside Studio’s. By the end of the 1999 they had formed SSU Recordings and SSU 1 was released. The initial copies flew off the shelves and SSU Recordings became the first ever USA based UK Hardcore label. Not only was SSU Recordings the first but it went on to become the largest. With releases such as SSU 4 – Superman selling over 1,000 units on vinyl and received licensing to the massive Japanese compilation album Dance Speed that sold over 250,000 copies!

Simon & SSU Recordings went on to received multiple licenses including Bonkers on React, Bonkers on Resist, The Ministry of Sound 'Decadance', Warner Bros 'Nation', Decadance 2, and receiving regular coverage from mainstream press with a slue of articles in publications like URB, WAX, BPM, Insider, Fix, Massive, Lotus & Freebass with a Sammie award nomination in 2002 for most popular electronic musician.

Simon’s DJ career has had him perform in almost every state in the USA, then to Canada, Mexico, Sydney Australia and back to the UK to play events like Raindance, Future Dance and Adrenalin. Simon has held residences with the largest dance music organizations in the USA including Feel Good Entertainment, Insomniac and Skills. All averaging regular attendances of over 10 thousand people!

Recent releases have seen huge support from labels such as Mizumo Music, Uplifting Rhythm and Can You Feel It Media. In mid 2012 Simon and long time production partner Danny Lostboy reached #9 in the Breaks top 100 for 3 weeks with their track Inception. Simon and production partner Dee Dub also made the top 10 must hear tracks for 2012 on the coveted

Today life is at slightly more relaxed pace but even with over 100 releases under his belt Simon spends as much time as possible in the studio working on new material. He continues to push the Breakbeat sound as hard as he can with his new label partner Paul Arnold & their label Animal Trax ( The events are a little smaller but Simon is still a very active promoter with For the Love of Breaks and the Just for the Love but no matter what, Simon promises to keep cranking out the choons and smashing the events for at least another 20 years!!

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